Hi, I'm Luke. 


I grew up in the southern U.S. before eventually making my way to the Dallas area and marrying the love of my life. We lived in North Dallas for 10 years where I worked in various 9-5s. But my favorite experiences were working with people to grow in their personal lives, find and make the changes they needed to develop holistically, or even experience a deeper faith.

In 2014 we moved to Berlin, Germany and in 2016 we welcomed our first child to the world. Berlin is my favorite place on earth. It's a city of glamour and grit and I love how raw and unique it is. I can walk down my street and hear five different languages before I've hit the next block. It's an amazing place.

I’ve coached informally for a few years and love it. Now, after completing Creative Results Management's Coaching Mastery Program, I'm pursuing accreditation from the International Coach Federation and I follow the ICF's Ethical Guidelines.